God created each of us with a unique blend of talents, interests, and spiritual gifts for the purpose of playing a role in helping reconcile our broken world back to Him.  When we use these talents and God-given gifts by being involved in the work of the Church we make a lasting difference in the lives of others — and in our own.

Whether you are brand-new to St. Columba Parish, or you’ve been here for a long time, St. Columba is a place where you can meet people, get connected, and build authentic relationships — with God and others.  Being a part of a faith-based functioning community is what church is all about.

Whether you have lots of time, or just a little bit, you can make a difference by getting connected, making friends, and helping in an area whose mission makes your heart beat fast!

Below are listed our many groups and ministries. Click on any one to find out more.